How do USA Spikeball Rankings Work?

USA Spikeball Rankings

19 Aug How do USA Spikeball Rankings Work?

USA Spikeball Rankings are based on player and team participation in the official sanctioned USA Spikeball Tournaments and events.  Teams must first have a USA Spikeball account, must play with atleast 16 total teams and finish in the top 16 of those events, you’ll start to accrue points.  Obviously the more tournaments you play in, and the better you place, the more points you’ll end up getting!

You can be on multiple teams, but each team will have their own rankings with them also needing to individually meet the qualifications above.  As of today, they don’t have individual spikeball rankings for players but it is a feature they are working on for the future, along with a juniors and seniors specific spikeball rankings index.

Prizes for top ranked spikeball teams include trophies, national recognition, and a monetary prize somewhere between $1 and $1 billion dollars, to be determined at a later date.  Check out the video below for more information and be sure and purchase your Spikeball set today to begin practicing for your next event!

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