Spikeball: The Affordable, Portable, Crazy Fun Game Everyone Needs to Play


19 Aug Spikeball: The Affordable, Portable, Crazy Fun Game Everyone Needs to Play

Spikeball: It’s the crazy exciting, fast paced recreational sport you’ve never heard of (most likely) until now!  You can play it almost anywhere, by yourself or with friends, indoor and out, have all the equipment you need for under $100 and carry it all around in a backpack.  Did we mention it’s insanely fun?  Tournaments are popping up all over the country, leagues in every city and somehow it’s still so far under the radar most sports junkies have no idea what it is.

Spikeball has actually been around for quite awhile, with toy sets popping up in the US in the 1980’s, but it wasn’t until Chris Ruder got a hold of it and resurrected it into a worldwide competitive sport.  He took it to the beach with some friends, everyone loved it, people stopped to discuss it, and birthed was the next great American backyard sport.

Check here for more information on how the game is actually played, but the basic concept is essentially a combination of volleyball and foursquare on steroids.  Teams of two run around like crazy around a little trampoline style net, spiking, setting, swatting, diving, rallying, hitting crazy in-between-the-legs shots among other things.  It’s fun to watch, it’s fun to play, and with the affordable and portable sets almost anyone can play!

Spikeball was featured on SharkTank.

Spikeball has gotten some sweet ESPN love.

Spikeball is my new love and it should be your new love as well. Share the love!


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