Information on USA Spikeball Tournaments

USA Spikeball Tournaments

19 Aug Information on USA Spikeball Tournaments

USA Spikeball is one of the official organizers for Spikeball tournaments, where over 250,000+ people and 1,000+ teams participate every year in the US.  They run an annual tournament series at college campuses and beaches across the US, and offer a membership system that includes the following perks:

Each membership comes with 2 Glow Balls, 2 Koozies, 1 ‘Baller member sticker, a membership card that can get your perks, AND a discount at

  • The ability to host a USASpikeball tournament in your area. (Tournament directors get to keep 75% of registration costs. Not a bad side job:)
  • Your membership card will get you discounts on merch at certain tournaments.
  • We will be having 1 special drawing a month for ‘Baller members only.
  • A $10 Discount on
  • Assume your position atop the Spikeball social ladder.
  • Ability to sleep well knowing you’re supporting a pretty bad ass sport.

Click here for more info on USA Spikeball and Spikeball Tournaments & Dates!

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