Spikeball is an incredibly fun volleyball/foursquare-like game that is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in America. It was recently featured on Shark Tank and is affordable, portable and flexible enough to be played almost anywhere!

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  • USA Spikeball Tournaments
    Information on USA Spikeball Tournaments

    USA Spikeball is one of the official organizers for Spikeball tournaments, where over 250,000+ people and 1,000+ teams participate every year in the US.  They run an annual tournament series at college campuses and beaches across the US, and offer a membership system that includes......

  • USA Spikeball Rankings
    How do USA Spikeball Rankings Work?

    USA Spikeball Rankings are based on player and team participation in the official sanctioned USA Spikeball Tournaments and events.  Teams must first have a USA Spikeball account, must play with atleast 16 total teams and finish in the top 16 of those events, you’ll start......

  • spikeball
    Spikeball: The Affordable, Portable, Crazy Fun Game Everyone Needs to Play

    Spikeball: It’s the crazy exciting, fast paced recreational sport you’ve never heard of (most likely) until now!  You can play it almost anywhere, by yourself or with friends, indoor and out, have all the equipment you need for under $100 and carry it all around......