How to Play Spikeball

There are many thoughts on how to play Spikeball, with official spikeball rules spelling it out pretty clearly it’s not a tough game to understand and tons of fun!  The below video walks you through the official rules, but here are some unofficial rules that tend to be a little more organized and less crazy that we think work well too!

How to play spikeball (or spike ball) can pretty much be explained as a cross between volleyball and four square, with some ping pong or tennis nuances thrown in there as well.  You have two teams with two players each, 3 hits per team who have to hit it off the net and try and get the other team to be unable to return the ball to score points.  It’s a crazy, fast paced, diving-in-the-sand-or-grass-or-whatever style game that is a ton of fun to play!


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